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Since its launch in 2011, The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab has been a leading force in the development of groundbreaking feature films by some of the world’s most promising talents. ​

Each year the Lab selects 12 international writers/directors who are at advanced stages of writing their first/second narrative feature film. The participants are invited to Jerusalem for two working sessions and an additional session via zoom, over a seven-to-eight-month period. ​

The selected projects undergo an in-depth process with one of our acclaimed script editors. At the last session they present to an audience (after a short pitch training, courtesy of the Shuster Polakoff Foundation) of jury members and decision makers, highly esteemed film professionals, at a celebratory communal event in Jerusalem. The jury awards production prizes totaling $50,000- $70,000, generously donated by the Beracha Foundation. The Lab reserves the right to change the amount of the prizes.

​The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab supports bold storytellers, who look deeply into the human experience in search for their unique truth.

The projects speak for themselves.


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