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The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Series Lab is open to Israeli screenwriters who meet the criteria.
Call for entries for the next Series Lab will be open during 2024.


The Series Lab is open to outstanding Israeli creators making their initial steps in the world of international TV. The Lab is seeking teams of producers and writers who are developing a promising scripted project- either series or limited series, in any genre intended for an adult audience.


The Lab is open to teams of creators and producers, with a scripted series in development, which is the creator's first or second series as a creator/head scriptwriter/director.
Projects must not have secured a broadcaster for writing/production agreement but can be supported for development.
Teams must be citizens/residents of Israel with either writer or producer having proven experience as detailed.
The language of the proposed series must be at least 50% Hebrew or Arabic, Russian, Amharic, Yiddish and any other language related to the local culture. In addition, 50% of the series must take place in Israel, or the protagonist of the series must be an Israeli character.
The following will not be accepted: formats, game shows, series for children and YA (young adults).
For all eligibility criteria, selection process, and program information please see rules and regulations.

The selection process includes 2 stages:

1. Submission of project dossier, in accordance with the guidelines of the open call published by the Lab. Dossier includes:

  • Logline (a one-sentence summary of the series)

  • Summary: a description of the world in which the series takes place and the main conflict at the heart of the series (1 page max)

  • Description of the season narrative arc (3-5 pages)

  • Characters description (up to one paragraph on each character | 2-pages max)

  • Personal and artistic declaration of intent (relating to the creator’s connection with the work, vision, tone, style, genre, etc. | 1 page max)

  • A peek at the second season (not relevant in the case of a limited series | ½ page max)

  • First episode synopsis (1 page max)

  • An inspirational picture for the project

Under no circumstances should a proposal be more than 10 pages long, with font size of 12.


After receiving notice for being selected for the Lab, creators will have 3 days to confirm their committed participation in the program. The selected projects will be required to provide the written materials in English within 7 days of notice of acceptance.

The proposal submitted to the Series Lab should be in Hebrew. The working language in the Lab is in Hebrew and/or English.

In exceptional cases, and if the creator’s working language is not Hebrew, it might be permitted to submit a proposal in English, after obtaining written approval. If you want to apply with a proposal in English, please send an email to  with the reason you want to submit materials in English, and we will return to you with an answer as soon as possible (Only well-reasoned requests will be considered).

Creators that have financial difficulties with the English translation of the proposal, may ask for financial assistance from the Lab. The Lab will support a number of applications according to an amount decided in advance.

For more information please check our FAQ or contact:

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