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  • Can a project be submitted after it was rejected in the past?
    A project may be submitted once more (total of two submissions) after receiving special permission from the JSFL, based on the development of the project between both submissions. In order to receive this permission, the applicant must send the JSFL a description of the major changes the project has undergone since the first submission, up to 2 weeks before the submission deadline.
  • Can a director/writer submit a number of projects in the same year?
    A director/writer may submit one project per JSFL edition.
  • Can a producer submit a number of projects in the same year? Can more than one be selected in the same edition?
    A producer may submit two projects. Two projects by the same producer can be selected for the same edition.
  • The website states the submitted project must be the first or second feature film. Can it be the director's third feature and producer’s first/second?
    The submitted project must be the first or second feature-length narrative film directed by the director/writer. There is no minimum or maximum of films for the producer, although the JSFL does look at producers' experience as part of the feasibility of the project.
  • Can I apply to JSFL if I’m not a graduate of Sam Spiegel Film School?
    The JSFL is open to graduates of all film schools in Israel and worldwide.
  • Can I apply to JSFL if I’m not a graduate of any film school?
    Yes, as long as you meet all the criteria as defined in the eligibility section.
  • Does the project have to be an English speaking film?
    The film can speak any language, but the working script must be in English, as English is the working language of the JSFL.
  • Which of the project team members need to participate at which of the three sessions?
    The filmmaker and co-writer or co-director, must participate in all three sessions (December/January, March/April & July). The producer must participate in the third session (July) and in one meeting at each of the first two sessions - via zoom.
  • What happens if the project has two screenwriters? Can a second writer take part?
    The JSFL will cover the expenses of the filmmaker as detailed in JSFL/PARTICIPANTS OBLIGATIONS. A second writer may join the sessions at their own expense, and share the same room assigned to the filmmaker.
  • I'd like to submit an Israeli project. Will I need to translate my submission materials/script during the process? Or can I submit all my materials in Hebrew?
    Israeli projects are submitted in Hebrew. All the materials, including the script if you are selected to submit a full script, will be reviewed in Hebrew. Having said that, if the Israeli applicant prefers to apply in English, he or she may do so, after receiving a written approval from the Lab's staff.
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