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Budget: 350,000$


Producer: Tal Becher
Production company: Yalla Films
Address: Yitzhak Sade 34, Tel Aviv

Yalla Films is a young, fast, fun and daring production company that specializes in quality boutique productions, and accessible, direct, poignant, human-loving cinema.
Tal Becher - Born in 1985. Married to Shunit, father to Roni. BA in communication from the College of Management Academic Studies, and The Production Track in The Sam Spiegel Film & Television School. Founded the production company “Yalla Films”. Produced a documentary TV series (“YYY”), Three documentary features, several web-series, and several of short films (including one VR film that participated in The Venice Film Festival 2019). These days, he produces a documentary feature and directing  one, also works on the development of the awards winning director Dror Shaul’s new feature.


The film “Let go baby” is based on the most traumatic experience I’ve ever had, and yet, my goal is to write and direct a film that is neither “heavy” nor sad, maybe even a happy film. I want to create a film with sweet, beautiful, and intimate moments. Moments of grace and love. I believe that many viewers will be able to find peace and comfort in this film. The comfort of the misery of life. I believe this film will encourage and enable a new discussion on one of the most repressed phenomena in our lives, one that no one talks about. I feel, simply, in every fiber of my being, that this is a story that must be told.



This is the story of Racheli and Noach, a young couple from Jerusalem, and the termination of their pregnancy. During a routine ultrasound, they discover a severe birth defect in their unborn child and find themselves forced into a tragic, unreal, and rattling odyssey - a stillbirth. Racheli and Noach’s journey together through the medical and mental <a href=";q=bureaucracy&amp;spell=1&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=2ahUKEwikht7biKv4AhU5iv0HHTS7CRkQBSgAegQIARA4">bureaucracy</a> of terminating the pregnancy drags their relationship into abysses of alienation and closeness, realism and surrealism. Their journey creates an intimate cinematic experience of substance.

Tal Becher (Yalla Films)

Tal Becher (Yalla Films)



Yair Agmon

Let go Baby


Lab Edition:




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