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Dark Comedy


The production budget in USD: 1.9 Mio
confirmed budget in USD and source: 


Company name & city : Chromosom Film GmbH, Berlin
contact email:
contact telephone number: +49 30 8937 8081

Chromosom Film is a Berlin-based film company, founded by Alexander Wadouh in 2006. We focus on developing and producing national and international fiction and documentary films with a political ethos and zeitgeist. The great success of Jan-Ole Gerster’s OH BOY and the extensive international festival feedback for Noaz Deshe’s WHITE SHADOW and Gabrielle Brady’s ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS, as well as the theatrical success of BORGA by York-Fabian Raabe pave the way for further courageous films with powerful voices and singular penmanship.
Julia produced the documentary Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018) by Gabrielle Brady, which won more than 20 international awards and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 2019. She has an academic background in Media Science from Marburg University. She started in film production with Flying Moon, before joining Chromosom in 2012.


All I wished was to survive the lockdown, but then I got stuck in conservative Hanover. Before going mad, imagination and humor became my first aid kit.
In the film, six harsh female characters- with not much in common other than their lack of charisma, meet in a soup trip to finally find joy through belonging. In a pot where prejudices around otherness melt, Flehmen becomes an attempt to make the unfamiliar familiar.



Following the steps of Galileu, the stallion, a wave of horse suicides stuns Hanover. As corpses pile up on the outskirts of the city, some look for culprits, while others try to take advantage of the situation.
Frida, the cook of the city's soup kitchen, prepares a special recipe for her unloved diners: a very unusual horse brown-soup.  In this dark surrealistic comedy, only those who can enjoy real collective pleasure will endure.

Julia Niethammer (CHROMOSOM FILM GMBH)

Julia Niethammer (CHROMOSOM FILM GMBH)



Lillah Halla



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