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Hebrew, Russian



The production budget in USD 950K USD confirmed budget in USD and source 74K USD Rabinovitch film fund development support, Producer's investment


BARYO Film&TV productions, Tel Aviv
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contact telephone number +972-507348900

BARYO is a Tel Aviv based emerging film and TV production company that emphasizes developing new voices. The company is headed by Adi Bar Yossef, an experienced producer who has worked on numerous large-scale award winning Israeli productions, including The Little Things (2019) and Four Mothers (2020) a documentary feature. Between 2016 to 2019 Bar Yossef was an associate producer at Green Productions working on several features including Cinema Sabaya by Orit Fouks Rotem and Scaffolding by Matan Yair. Since 2020 Adi has been an executive producer at Endomol Shine Israel and produced TV series such as Children in the Woods by Dalit Kahan, Queens season 2 by Gal Zaid and The Truth by Daphna Levin, Dror Mishani, Idit Avrahami and Aurit Zamir.


Our story draws inspiration from Nachman’s immigration to Israel as a child. Through it, we want to dive into the complexity of family ties and dynamics. While both of us come from religious families, and neither of us are religious today, we wanted to tell a story that looks at the world from which we come with a complex POV in order to examine the possibility to bridge gaps and repair relationships despite the pain of the past.



After years of estrangement, Max returns to the home of his ultra-Orthodox immigrant family to visit his father who is suffering from Parkinson and is near death. As he reconnects with his siblings and parents, memories resurface, unraveling the complexities of his relationship with his larger-than-life father. Spanning various timeframes and places, the story explores questions of religious faith, loyalty, and the possibility of rekindling love and achieving genuine acceptance.

Adi Bar Yossef

Adi Bar Yossef


Nachman Picovsky


Tamar Kay, Nachman Picovsky



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