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Lee Shira



Shira Porat


Lab Edition



A "Dancing with the Stars" choreographer discovers her mom is homeless, forcing her to blend her glitzy world with messy reality.


When Daniela, who distanced herself from her mother for the sake of her sanity, discovers she is now homeless, she faces the choice of inviting chaos back into her life. A few years after Daniela (30) deliberately cut ties with her uncontrollable mother Ramona (60), to pursue her dreams as a successful choreographer, her carefully crafted life takes an unexpected turn. On the night of Mickey's marriage proposal, Daniela's doorbell rings, revealing a police officer and the long-lost Ramona. Having lost everything, sold the house and savings, homeless and in dire straits, Ramona has nowhere else to turn.

Daniela is forced to bring her into her and Mickey's apartment - to help her rebuild her life. She finds her a job, opens her a bank account, tries to understand what happened to her in the months she was on the street and how she got there. Daniela allows her chaotic mother into her life, disrupting the stability she worked so hard to achieve.

As Daniela juggles wedding plans, demanding celebrities from ""Dancing with the stars"" production, and caring for her helpless mother, her once-stable life crumbles. The bond with Mickey weakens, and her dream job teeters on the brink. Surprisingly, her mother's return sparks Daniela's dormant passions and emotions. Daniela finds herself doing things she never dreamt of: Stealing from stores and chasing wild boars in the middle of the night half-naked because her mother can't sleep. She breaks into her childhood home, chases after robbers or innocent people whom her mother suspects have touched her things. She breaks into a random wedding she wasn't invited to and is almost swept away in a stormy affair that will destroy her relationship , supported by her own mother.

Through a shared journey, they rediscover each other. Two girls. One of them is a mother and the other a daughter. But it is not clear who is who and when.


Ten years ago, I discovered that my mother was living on the streets. For three months, she navigated the challenges of homelessness, showering in beach facilities and sleeping on rooftops, all while keeping this reality hidden from me due to shame and lack of courage. Growing up in an affluent neighborhood with friends from the top decile, the harsh economic truth was unfamiliar and embarrassing. During that year, I learned that my mother had a diagnosed borderline personality structure, revealing that her struggles were not merely perceived subjectively. This revelation led me to view her with greater sympathy. What initially seemed an overwhelming challenge became a pivotal moment that positively shaped my character. Navigating the financial struggles to support my mother fostered independence. Taking charge of her life compelled me to take control of my own. Through this process, my self-esteem strengthened, and I embraced responsibility. Similar to an inexperienced parent faced with caring for a newborn, I found myself with a 65-year-old ""baby"" who wore a coat in August and resisted wearing underwear. My mother is a complex character—unexpected, original, truthful, deceptive, humorous, and at times, challenging. Despite her quirks, she possesses the most generous heart and the keenest mind.
I am writing this series with immense love, aiming to touch the hearts of those who watch it. I hope it elicits laughter, evokes emotions, and encourages viewers to approach others with greater understanding. My goal is to challenge preconceived notions of normalcy and insanity, parenting and love.


An 8-episode romantic comedy providing a different, witty, funny, and touching perspective on a between mother-daughter relationship which has been severed due to the mother's mental illness. Mental illness is a common phenomenon that turns families upside down, and we believe that anyone whose family has been challenged, will relate to this human story led by two strong women – a universal story that will draw an international crowd of viewers.
This is my 3rd collaboration with the creator Shira Porat, after Embezzlement (for "yes") which sold worldwide, and Motobank which is in development in Reshet and "yes".
I think Shira is one of the most talented creators in our industry. She has a fresh and innovative voice, she is dedicated and versatile and I believe this series will be a big success.


We are seeking financing partners who share our passion for innovative storytelling and understand the value of investing in globally resonant content. We are looking for broadcasters, co-producers, and investors to collaborate and contribute both financial resources and strategic guidance to help us bring our vision to life.

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