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Orly Arbel


Nur Fibak


Mae Palty


Lab Edition



When the daughter of a passionate park ranger discovers her father died in an explosion in the middle of the desert, she leaves her hectic city life and returns to her hometown to uncover the real cause of his death.


Maya Shushan (35) is a talented, cool journalist who wrote an article three years ago that was so powerful it was picked up by the New York Times. However, since then, her journalistic career seemed to dry up. She is burned out, her boss threatens to fire her, and her life, in general, is not really as she planned. But then, she gets informed that her father, a passionate Park Ranger, had died in an explosion in the middle of the desert. She leaves her hectic city life and returns to her deserted hometown, even though she really doesn't want to confront her past. When she gets there, it appears that police are spouting nothing but nonsense and lies about her father’s death. She discovers that shady investors with sharp snake boots are starting to build a fancy spa hotel around the beautiful Oasis of the "Ein Devora" reserve, the iconic magical reserve her father protected his entire life. Her instincts awaken: something doesn't feel right. Maya realizes that she needs to stay there a little longer before returning to her dying career in the city. There, in the heart of the desert, alongside her post-traumatic little brother and her long-time high school sweetheart, she tries to come to terms with her mother—a religious and terrifying woman by all accounts. She will do anything to investigate the real cause of her father's death. Soon, Maya finds herself taking up her father's fight in a conflict that is as old as time, the war over one small piece of land. Humanity against nature. Disparate groups fight for control— The hotel investors, the police, the nearby military base, the religious Jewish community, the desert Bedouins, and even the Nature and Parks Authorities. Maya discovers that her sense of purpose, extinguished by city life, has been reignited. After years in Tel Aviv, she discovers that her father's death brings her back to life.



Our mission at SIPUR is first and foremost to lead great productions with global appeal, and as Israel’s biggest private investor in content, we are always looking for exciting new creators with new stories to tell.

From the very first read, "Oasis" immediately caught our attention. Nur and Mae’s unique voice and fresh perspective stood out from the pack, and we’ve been thrilled to support their journey over the last year. "Oasis" is a project that blends personal experience with imaginative storytelling, all presented in a way that we believe will captivate viewers around the world and even inspire local adaptations.

With "Oasis" at the front of our slate, we’re excited to continue pushing forward and leaving our mark on the industry. Together with Nur, Mae, and other amazing young voices, we’re poised to back content that will be seen by audiences everywhere.


Sipur, the production company and studio behind the project, has financing capabilities and is looking for partners that are interested in sharing the risk in this project, which has big international potential both as a tape sale and as a remake play.

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