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We are happy and proud that two alumni from our latest 11th edition of the Film Lab, will take part in the Berlinale Co-Production Market.
Congratulations to Hajni Kis with "Ich Bin Marika" and Jerry Carlsson with ״Burnings״.

"Ich Bin Marika" tells the story of Marika, a cashier in a Budapest supermarket. One day, her long-lost love, Jani re-appears in her life. He takes on a highway construction job in Germany, but causes a mass accident and is imprisoned. Marika decides to do what she can to get him out. In order to pay a lawyer, she goes to work for an elderly couple in Germany.

"Burnings" tells the story of a lonely teenager who tries to hide his attraction towards other guys, but when he finds a portal in the basement that can make him change his appearance, a whole new world opens up that makes him question who he wants to be.

Projects from JSFL 11th Edition Heading to the Berlinale Co-Production Market


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