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Estimated Budget: $1083565, Israeli Film Fund development grant: $9000


KM Productions, Tel Aviv +972-525785388

Kobi Mizrahi, an Oscar nominated producer, alumnus of EAVE, Berlinale Talents, Emerging Producers, Rotterdam Lab and Cannes Producers Network, established KM Productions to focus on creating sustainable relationships with young, innovative directors in order to produce shorts, features, and documentaries. His features include The Road to Eilat (2022): 3 awards including Best Feature at Jerusalem IFF, 11 Israeli Academy nominations; The Dive (2018): 4 awards including Best Feature at Jerusalem IFF, 2 awards at Locarno, screened a.o. at Toronto, AFI Fest.; and Water (2012, Israeli-Palestinian omnibus film): Amnesty International Award, opened Venice Critics' Week. His short films, including White Eye (Oscar-nominated) and Mission Hebron (EFA shortlisted), have been screened at major festivals worldwide such as Cannes, Venice, IDFA, Locarno, Toronto, Telluride, SXSW, and sold to HBO, Canal+ and more


Imagine you could choose between a custom partner created especially for you, and a human partner with his own needs and desires, what would be your choice? The Update depicts a reality that fulfills our every fantasy, to have a relationship tailored precisely to us. In return, it reveals the dark side of a capitalistic society in which the emphasis on perfecting our external reality distracts us from having to look inwards. The film portrays the price of technological advance on the human spirit.



In a world where humans can order their ideal cyborg partner, Adam is in a relationship with Alex, who was "created" especially for him. During the annual "update", Adam and Alex will be separated for 48 hours and for the first time in his life Adam will forge a connection with a real woman of flesh and blood who isn't perfect at all, and go on a journey with her during which he will learn to appreciate the beauty in the imperfect.

Kobi Mizrahi

Kobi Mizrahi



Mor Hanay

The Update


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