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The production budget in USD - $671.300,00
confirmed budget in USD and source - $356.300,00
Sources: North Macedonia Film Agency
MEDIA CO-Development Fund Company investment


DFPM Kino Oko LLCSP contact email
contact telephone number +389 2 3222 478Kino Oko is a production company based in Skopje, Macedonia. It was founded in 2001 by Robert Naskov as an independent production company specialized in film and TV production, documentaries, commercials, public events and campaigns. The company is a full-service production and distribution company that represents projects for the domestic and international marketplace. Kino Oko has also cooperated with production companies worldwide and has required its well-established reputation.

Robert Naskov is a graduate in film production from the FDA in Skopje. During his professional career he participated in numerous European co-productions and collaborated with leading directors and actors. He was president of the Macedonian Film Professionals Association and he is an active member of the European Film Academy and the European Producers Club.


Spring Cleaning is a story inspired by the loss of two important people in my life. My friend, who left abruptly by committing suicide and my grandmother whose slow departure with alzheimer I witnessed for 2 years. It is an intimate, haunting story of identity, acceptance and reconciliation, told through the eyes of women who felt like ghosts both in life and death due to the patriarchal ignorance towards anyone who acts out of the norm. The perfect format for this film would be 35mm as it is a visceral film.



At the beginning of an unruly summer, dwelling between reality and mystery Varava has to first reconstruct the past in order to be able to move forward. Spring Cleaning is both a psychological and social story, with strong visual language. It is the third collaboration between the director Marija Apcevska and the producer Robert Naskov.

Robert Naskov

Robert Naskov



Marija Apcevska

Spring Cleaning


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