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My Heart My Enemy

Teresa Zofia Czepiec, Maciej Sobieszczański


Mikołaj Pokromski

Lab Edition





Pokromski Studio, Poland; Iota Production, Belgium


Poland, Belgium


A 9-year-old girl named Sara travels alone from Poland to Belgium in search of her mother, Joanna. When they reunite, Sara discovers that Joanna has created a new family, but she is nonetheless determined to fight for her mother’s love by any means. As it turns out, Joanna has a dark secret of her own, and one day she disappears again. As a result of this emotional rollercoaster, Sara starts to question her sense of belonging to her mother and tries to find her own place in the Belgian family.


Telling stories about varied experiences of motherhood is important to me. Growing up in Belgium and Poland, I understand the cultural, religious, and political differences this subject may reveal. A mother leaving her child can be one of the decisions she makes. In My Heart My Enemy, we delve into what happens next, in the child's mind and heart. This film explores the power and mystery of a child's unconditional love and the need to belong.


○ Teresa Zofia Czepiec | Director-Writer
Born in Belgium, is a Polish film director and screenwriter. Through her films, she tells stories of people living in conflict between the individual and society. Her documentary Superunit has been shown at over 90 festivals worldwide and has won many prestigious awards. Her prize at the It's All True Film Festival qualified the film for the Oscar preliminary list. She studied architecture, film directing (WRiTV Katowice, Poland), and visual arts (Le Fresnoy, France).

○ Maciej Sobieszczański | Co-Writer
Maciej Sobieszczański, a director and screenwriter, has won many international awards, including the Think: The Award at Berlinale 2015 for Performer. His film The Reconciliation received the First Look award at the Locarno International Film Festival and Best Directing at the Montreal IFF in 2017. His latest film Brother is awaiting its premiere.


Mikołaj Pokromski

Polish film producer, CEO of Pokromski Studio and member of German, Polish and European Film Academy. He graduated from German-French Film Academy at Film Academy in Baden-Württemberg and La Fémis - Paris. In the last few years he has produced both documentary and feature films.

POKROMSKI STUDIO Established in Poland in 1992 Pokromski Studio (Too Old for Fairy Tales, Marie Curie, The Whale from Lorino) specializes in international co-productions and production services. The company works with experienced filmmakers and emerging talents, bringing together film production for wide audience and arthouse cinema projects.
Pokromski Studio has worked with production companies, such as: Constantin Film AG, X-Filme Creative Pool from Berlin, Agitprop from Sofia, Loopline Film from Dublin and Oktober Oy from Helsinki.



○ Total budget: 1,485,625 USD
○ Confirmed budget and source: 646,867 USD
(Polish Film Institute 495,209 USD / Next Film - Polish distributor MG 61,901 USD / Belgian co-producer Iota Production 27,855 USD / Polish producer Pokromski Studio own contribution 61,902 USD)


Polish, German, French


Drama, Psychological Thriller

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