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Coming of age


Production Budget
Secured funds
$ 15,000, Rabinovitch Film Fund development grant


Production company profile
2-Team Productions is one of the leading Israeli film production companies. Our films have participate in all major international film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto and Sundance, won numerous international and Israeli awards (including Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Venice Audience Award and Israeli Academy Best Film Awards) and, at the same time, were successfully distributed in Israel and around the world.

Production Company
2-Team Productions, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Producer profile
Haim and Estee Mecklberg are veteran Israeli producers. They have started 2-TEAM PRODUCTIONS in the beginning of 2005 in the intention of producing cross-over feature films – films with highly artistic and social content, yet outstanding audience appeal. Their past successful film include Eran Riklis's THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER, Asaf Korman's NEXT TO HER, Sharon Maymon &amp; Tal Granit's THE FAREWELL PARTY and Elite Zexer's SAND STORM.


Director’s Note
This is a very personal story. A year and a half ago my beloved younger brother was killed in an accident. My brother and I looked like twins, and lived an adventure-filled life together. We didn't have secrets from each other, or at least so I thought. This is a story of loss. Immediately after my brother died, I started writing. Some of my friends and family said I should leave it alone, because it only causes me pain. But this exact pain is the one that Inbar chooses to experience over and over, while deepening her relationship with her brother’s girlfriend, Maya. As Roland Barthes put it in his book "Mourning Diary": “I ask for nothing but to live in my suffering”. This is a story about youth. Youth is twilight time. If childhood is morning, and adulthood is night, the characters in my story exist at sunset. They know for sure that something is over and they are toying reluctantly of the idea of a new beginning. The teens in the film are constantly examining their boundaries: sexuality, friendship, dependency, loyalty, humiliation, and self-sacrifice. This is a story about love. I once read that spousal love increases twice as much when the couple loves a third person together - their child. If so, can two lovers of the same “child” bond together through an odyssey, and thus discover true love with each other? This is the way I see my story. Finally aims to be an exuberant, feisty, provocative, lively cinematic experience. I know this might sound totally contradictory to what one might expect from a film that is driven by mourning. Yet life has very little respect to conventions and expectations, and in my mind, movies should follow suit.



The only person Inbar (20) has really ever loved is Nati (17), her younger brother. Everything changes when Nati meets Maya (16) and falls in love. Their happiness is all consuming but short lived: Nati dies in a car accident. Inbar’s world is shattered. She now has to face another devastating realization: Nati lied to her. He was in love with a girl she never met. At first, Inbar hates Maya, who seems to be her exact opposite. Maya is sweet, demur and reserved. But curiosity haunts Inbar, and she develops a desperate hope that Maya can become a substitute to Nati in her current broken life. Inbar draws Maya into the darker regions of existence, where she feels most comfortable. Maya falls for Inbar. Hard. At the end of summer, Inbar and Maya travel to the deserted and heavenly Sinai desert. At night, Inbar convinces Maya to go skinny dipping with her. Drunk with alcohol and passion, Inbar reveals her fantasy: the two of them will stay together forever in Sinai. Maya becomes terrified. They fight and struggle violently, until Maya manages to break free. Inbar is left alone. Floating. When Inbar and Maya meet at Nati’s memorial, a year after his death, they are almost strangers. They chat about what happened in the time that has passed, but nothing seems to connect the two anymore. Except the longing, to the one they both loved, and to the love they felt to each other, for a little while.

Estee Mecklberg

Haim Mecklberg

Haim Mecklberg



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