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Hebrew, Russian, Amharic

Anthology drama


Estimated Budget: $1,000,000
Existing: $10,000 Israeli Film Fund


Company name, city: Goosebumps Productions (Tel Aviv, Israel) Contact email: Contact tel.: +972-52-3883-089

Goosebumps Productions is an independent production company based out of Tel Aviv. With a dedicated pursuit of impactful and emotionally evocative storytelling, I seek out emerging talents who possess a distinctive voice and offer a fresh perspective on our shared human experience. Among the company's notable projects are To the Grave (2020), Empty Spaces (2022), and Auto da fe (2022). These and others gained recognition in leading film festivals worldwide, such as Biennale Cinema, Busan IFF, Adelaide, Encounter FF, and BFI: Flare; as well in local festivals, such as Jerusalem IFF, Haifa IFF, TLV FEST, and Yes Israeli


This film is for my friends and family, the tired souls we lost along the way, and those who stayed with us, still struggling to make ends meet. This film is for my childhood heroes - flawed and anxious individuals, filled with doubts and a false sense of security, trying to do what's right by their families, but not always succeeding. This is Israel as they experience it, down here, in the streets . A place of never-ending turmoil and pressure. This film is for them.



In the harsh city of Hadera, three interlocking stories will change the lives of their characters forever: Jackie (45) is up against time as he finds his best friend- after he took the money they invested in crypto, has gone missing. Oleg (22) has to take care of his mentally ill mother just as, out of nowhere- his dominate father comes back from ten years abroad. Adane (28) wants to solve his anxiety issues so he can provide for his family. Instead- he gets his younger brother and himself entangled with the police.

Dor Levy

Dor Levy



Oz Zirlin



Lab Edition:




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