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Production budget: $1,200,000


Producers: David Mandil
MoviePlus Productions, Droyanov 5 Tel-Aviv., 03-5164373

MoviePlus Productions is an independent production company specializing in full-length feature films, drama series, and documentaries. Established by David Mandil, the company is based in Israel.
Over the years, MoviePlus has produced more than two dozen full-length feature films. These include Footnote and Beaufort, both of which were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film; A Tale of Love and Darkness, in which Natalie Portman made her directorial debut; Norman by Joseph Cedar, starring Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi, and Charlotte Gainsbourg; and many more.
MoviePlus has also produced numerous drama series, which were sold and broadcast worldwide. These include Miguel (HULU, Canal+), two seasons of VIP (FX), Deus, Jerusalem Brew, and many others.
Recently, MoviePlus produced the drama series Our Boys for HBO and KI and Embezzlement for yes Studios.


It’s a story about a family crammed together in an enclosed space walking blindly into disaster. Their home is a prison. They’re controlled by the father. In the beginning the outside world is the enemy, but as the movie progresses, the 3 prisoners will come to understand that the danger actually lives among them. The gap between the inside and the outside escalates up to the point where they turn against the man that imprisons them.



In a Ramat Gan apartment, Jonathan (17) watches as Avi, his father, sinks while he finds his voice for the first time. As Jonathan is about to become the first in his family to penetrate the core of being an Israeli, his immigrant father drags the family into the abyss with dets to the gray market. Within his destructive journey, Avi finds a lifeline with Jonathan and almost costs him his dream which was once his own. “Debts” occurs in the twilight between the suns. The descent of the father happens simultaneously with the raise of the son.

David Mandil (Movie Plus Productions)

David Mandil (Movie Plus Productions)



Roni Kuban



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