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Budget (USD): 1.864.663
Confirmed budget (USD) and source: 60.000 (USD), Ministry of Culture's Funds


Lungta Film (Rome, Italy), Moderato (Paris, France) +39 3288398538

Experienced producer Andrea Calbucci joined Lungta Film in 2014. He takes care of every artistic aspect of Lungta Films projects, from the choice of subjects, to editing, and the preparation of the actors. Lungta is a film, television and theater production company which has produced Whitout Pity (2014), a debut feature by Michele Alhaique, If Life Gives You Lemons (2018), a debut feature by Ciro D'Emilio and Padrenostro (2020) by Claudio Noce. All premiered at Venice Film Festival and they have gained international awards such as: Coppa Volpi for best actor to Pierfrancesco Favino in Padrenostro and Nastro d'Argento to Anna Foglietta for If Life Give You Lemons. In 2022 Lungta produced Ciro D'Emilio's second feature, Per niente al mondo, and in 2023 Lorenzo Tiberia's debut feature Gli Attassati.


I believe that in parenthood there is a contrasting duality between generosity and selfishness. Within it, I would like to explore the distinction between a "child" and an "heir". That is why I choose to talk about disability. All the parents of a disabled child know this: before the pain of the child born in adverse conditions takes over, for a moment they feel the pain of loss. They mourn "the other child", the one they imagined having during the pregnancy. The question I asked myself is: what happens when that other child materializes?



Dario and his brother Roberto are both parents, but Enrico, Dario's son, is severely disabled. On the contrary, Roberto's son Giacomo is an athletic teenage boy to whom Dario feels drawn to. In the nephew he finds the son he would have liked to have had and takes the role of the father he could have been. A family drama focused on the exaltation of small, habitual moments through a warm and sweet tone, without the fear of showing the emotions of the characters.

Andrea Calbucci

Andrea Calbucci


Damiano Femfert


Tommaso Landucci

Children of the Monkey


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