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Hebrew, Russian, Spanish



Estimated Budget in USD: $1073000 Rabinovitch film fund development grant 15000 dollars


Production company: Ananey Studios
Address Raul Wallenberg 24, Tel Aviv
Telephone 0525424285
Email Ananey Studios is an award-winning Tel Aviv based studio that develops and produces inventive content spanning a variety of genres and target demos from live-action preschool shows to high-concept dramas, kids’ and teens’ must-watch TV shows, sitcoms, animation, documentaries, lifestyle programs and formats.

Osnat Saraga is SVP of Development & Production at Ananey Studios, is one of Israel's most experienced and beloved TV & film producers. Osnat has won 13 Israeli TV Academy Awards. Putting Ananey on the map as an innovator and elevating the company’s reputation in the local and international scenes as the go-to quality content producer. Osnat is responsible for some of Israel’s most successful productions in all genres; and most notably recently as executive producing Ananey’s Greenhouse Academy for Netflix and Malevolent Bride for Kan and A+E Studios.


I grew up in a poor neighborhood, hung out with a bad crowd and was in an extremely toxic relationship. My immigrant parents, who didn't have the tools or knowledge to help me, asked me to enlist in the army - in hopes that my service would be a ticket out of the neighborhood. My incentive was qualifying for the increased release grant combatants were entitled to. Terms such as "the occupation", "apartheid" and even "Palestinian" meant little to nothing to me, much like the vast majority of soldiers serving the checkpoints. Soon enough I found myself serving in the Tulkarem checkpoints. Most of the soldiers came from poor neighborhoods and difficult backgrounds. The only thing we cared about was our own survival. Morals were the luxury of elitist rich-kids, and those were never recruited to the checkpoints.



The story of a young Israeli woman, daughter of first-generation immigrants, who grew in a poor neighborhood and decides to complete her army service in the Tulkarm checkpoints in order to qualify for the bonus release grant - with which she could both support her parents and fulfill her boyfriend's dream of starting a new life in Miami. But somehow, against all odds, it is in the hellish reality of the West Bank checkpoints that she is exposed to an alternate life, and begins to follow her own dreams.

Osnat Saraga

Osnat Saraga



Rita Borodiyanski



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