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Birth Right

Inbar Horesh


Maya Fischer

Lab Edition





Green productions




Every year the state of Israel sponsors educational tours for thousands of young diaspora Jews, connecting them to Jewish identity, encouraging immigration to Israel and preventing intermarriage in their home countries.
After learning that her deceased father was Jewish, Natasha (18) joins a tour with a group of young adults from former USSR countries, hoping to find a new home. On a road trip throughout Israel, Natasha will struggle to fit in with her group and with the country she is discovering to be so different from the one she imagined.


Growing up in a society that sanctifies the concept of belonging yet not feeling that I actually belong, lead me to develop this script about newcomers arriving to Israel in search for a homeland. This group of strangers on the bus turn into a mirror of society, where their universal need for a sense of belonging is manipulated for political gain.
With tender humor and irony, I am looking to address taboos regarding the Jewish and Israeli identity. Even though Birth Right has a critical undertone, this film is a love song to my bleeding home, to the powerful landscapes of my childhood, and to the wounded melting pot of people sharing this land.



Maya Fischer

Green Productions specializes in developing and producing quality content for television and film. With offices in Israel and Australia/NZ, we consider ourselves a home to film and TV creators. We are committed to identifying and nurturing new talent alongside working with acclaimed auteurs. We look to bring to the screen emotionally charged stories, told with a unique and authentic voice that captures the spirit of the times while offering an original and fresh look at our reality.
Alona Refua is a producer and a lecturer, graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School where she is now teaching production. During her last year of studying, she created and produced the series of short films Love Letter to Cinema which participated in hundreds of festivals including Berlinale, Locarno and more. Alona was the Head of productions at Black Sheep where she produced award-winning feature films, TV series and documentaries.
Since 2021, Alona has been aproducer and the Head of Development at Green Productions.


Green Productions, Givatayim
contact email:
contact telephone number: +972-542131668
The production budget in USD: 1,030,000
confirmed budget in USD and source: 20,000$ Rabinovich Film Foundation, CNC, Cinemed



Russian, English, Hebrew, Arabic


Comic Drama

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