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Contemporary teen drama


Production budget: 1,032,280 USD
Confirmed budget in USD and source: 209,600 USD - Greek Film Centre; 209,600 USD - Greek broadcaster ERT; 262,000 USD - EKOME automatic cash rebate, 47,160 USD - Creative Europe - MEDIA slate funding


Production company: Homemade Films Address: Mnisikleous 12, Athens 105 56, Greece T: +30 210 3238327 E-mail: / Website:

HOMEMADE FILMS is an Athens-based film production and distribution company founded in 2009. It has since produced and co-produced several successful short and feature films, with a taste for sharp, cutting-edge, innovative cinema. The films have participated and been awarded in multiple international film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Palm Springs, etc.) and distributed in movie theatres, TV channels and platforms around the world. The company’s aim is to continue producing selected films by talented directors, which can be co-developed and co-produced with European and international partners and can find their audience equally inside and outside Greece, based on traditional as well as innovative production and distribution strategies. Homemade Films is a member of the EAVE and ACE producers’ networks


BABY is a vibrant and revealing insight into the tumultuous lives of three teenagers who challenge traditional values to form their own family as they wander through bustling Athens, giving the film the feel of an urban road movie. The handheld camera and raw filmmaking approach will take the audience on an emotional journey, capturing intimate moments of naivety, playfulness, distress, and despair under the constant baby’s cries and city noises.



BABY is contemporary teen drama that is current and globally relevant, dealing with universal ideas such as family, acceptance, love, and personal needs that have a worldwide appeal. Zackarias and Sofia, a teenage couple from the countryside, wander aimlessly through the streets of Athens with their newborn baby. A pickup truck is their temporary home, and their only companion is Petros, a queer transgender kid in the early stages of transitioning to a girl. Together, the teenagers will give birth to their own atypical family.

Kyveli Short

Maria Drandaki

Maria Drandaki



Nikos Kyritsis



Lab Edition:




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