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Aranchi and Reem

Timna Rose Perets


David Silber, Sivan Cohen, Talia Bernstein

Lab Edition





Metro Communications




When Aranchi (13), a charismatic and wild Eritrean refugee with a passion for dance gets kicked out of the school dance show, she feels her life is over. But then she meets Reem (13), an isolated Sudanese girl undergoing a horrible family tragedy, and realizes just how evil life can get. Together, Aranchi and Reem find their way into the crime scene of South Tel-Aviv. In search for freedom and expression, they discover the power of friendship


10 years ago, I was managing an afterschool program for refugee kids in my neighborhood. Aranchi, Reem and Dillet are some of the kids I witnessed growing up -from toddlers to teenagers, they became a huge part of my life. The film is a window to a world usually unseen, through their eyes, taking place in the neighborhood which taught me to find beauty in unexpected places, and to discover hidden worlds.


Born in Jerusalem in 1987. Timna Rose Perets is a filmmaker and social activist. Graduated from Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv. Her short independent film, Daughter of the Bride was screened at Director’s Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2016. She now lives between Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem hills, working on a short film and her first feature.


David Silber, Sivan Cohen, Talia Bernstein

Metro Communications is an Israeli film production company based in Tel Aviv, specializing in international co-productions of full length feature films. David Silber, Metro's director, together with his partners Moshe and Leon Edery (United King Films) have created an energetic, broad based production organization, and one of the leading production companies in Israel. Metro‘s main titles include Academy award nominee and Silver Bear winner Beaufort (2007), Golden Lion and European Academy Awards winner Lebanon (2009), Tribeca Film Festival winner and Berlin Film Festival Panorama featured Junction 48 (2016), Israeli Academy Awards winner Bana Joon (2015), alongside box office hits such as Avi Nesher‘s The Other Story, the top selling Israeli film of 2018, and This Is Sodom (2010) and Turn Left at the End of the World (2004), two of Israel‘s top grossing films ever.


Company name, city: Metro Communications LTD. Tel-Aviv, Israel. contact email: ? contact telephone number: +972-54-320-0035


Production budget in USD: $675,000


Hebrew, Tigrinya, Arabic



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