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Fiction, Drama


Production Budget in USD : 912 079 $
Confirmed Budget and source :
CNC : 24 582 $
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Région : 8 550 $
Albanian Cinema Center Development Fund : 21 376 $
Euro Media Co-Development Fund : 71 593 $


Origine Films / 21 Avenue du Maine 75015 Paris, France /

Origine Films has produced and co-produced 50 fiction shorts films to this day. We take great pride in defending different genres with strong individuality and 50% of our production catalogue consists of international coproductions. Our catalogue includes several multi award-wining short films, including three Palme d’or nominees : 37°4S by Adriano Valerio, Sali by Ziya Demirel, and more recently Erenik’s The Van that we developed from the very beginning of the project. We are now developping our first international feature coproductions.


In After Dark, there won’t be any fangs, crucifixes... The vampires are not immortal, they are a cursed extension of our society that cannot find where they fit in. I want to describe them as flawed sensitive beings, with desires and needs just like us, evolving in a chaotic city which is also struggling to find its identity.
The story also asks : can we really feel the same towards each other when we are so different ?



After Dark is both singular and universal. Singular because of its territorial anchoring and the city of Tirana being a whole character, Albania being rarely shown in mainstream movies. But mostly because of its artistic proposal and the way it uses and twists the fantastic element, in an intimate and naturalistic way. It is also universal because of its topic of a love story, although it involves here a vampire woman.

Olivier Berlemont (Origine Films) , Pierre Mourey (On Film Production)

Olivier Berlemont (Origine Films) , Pierre Mourey (On Film Production)



Erenik Beqiri



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