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Yoni Paran


Omri van Essen


Tehila Peter-Dansker

3rd Generation

Lab Edition



The story of Roni and Chaya, two young women who work at Yad Vashem (The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem), who between tours of the Hall of Remembrance and guiding at the Cattle Car Memorial to the Concentration Camp Deportees, involve themselves in what’s important to any woman her early twenties – sex, love, and self-searching.


Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, two young women still carry upon their shoulders the traumatic journey of the Holocaust.
They are in their twenties, bursting with young spirit and fire in their eyes. One (Roni), is completing her national service, working in the “audio guide cellar” at the Holocaust museum. She is the daughter of the Director of the Guiding Department at Yad Vashem and the granddaughter of a survivor who lost his entire family in the Holocaust. The second (Chaya) is a secretary at the film library at Yad Vashem. She is named after her grandmother’s sister, who was murdered in the Ghetto in the name of God and comes from a devout religious family which sanctifies the Holocaust and believes that everything is a “victory over the Nazis.”
Between Janusz Korczak Square and the Hall of Names; between the Warsaw Ghetto Square and the Partisans’ Panorama. 3rd Generation is a deep dive into the world of two young women working at Yad Vashem, in search of love among the “corpses” and the piles of shoes.
They are the “invisible” employees of the museum, (they don’t even get to wear name tags) and thus in the cafeteria, they will always sit with the cleaning and maintenance staff (their only friends…) Each afternoon, they meet at their regular bench, across from the statue of the starved skeleton. There, they nosh on snacks from the “pit,” (where they hide food) fantasize about the boys with whom they’re in love, and gawk at the tourists who bring with them a refreshing and hypnotizing scent of “abroad.”
We will encounter the heroines at their Torah lectures for religious girls, at a Zumba class for Holocaust survivors, a lead role in a Yiddish musical, and romantic night tours at the Holocaust History Museum. 3rd Generation will present the colorfulness of LA LA Land and the sadness of Schindler’s List. It will provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes goings on at the State of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial, as never before seen on screen




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