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Maya Fisher, Shani Sror


Orit Fouks Rotem


Adi Goral

That Hole

Lab Edition



A devout, conservative bridal counsellor transforms a "prayer hotline" aimed at strengthening women's faith, into a channel for sexual awakening for an entire community of women.


In the strict Hasidic community of Gur, Rudy, a bridal counselor, instructs brides about the laws and rituals of ritual purity and the mitzvah of procreation, all while grappling with her own and her husband's infertility. In an effort to accumulate mitzvahs that might aid her in conceiving, she takes on the new "Yeshuos Hotline" – a helpline designed to strengthen women's faith. However, after an anonymous phone call to the hotline, Rudy finds herself listening and advising women in the community on issues of sexuality and relationships. All of this happens under the radar of her stern and revered mother-in-law, Rebbetzin Hinda. As Rudy explores her own sexuality and body, her relationships with the Rebbetzin, her husband, the women in her community, and her faith become strained. Eventually, she even manages to become pregnant, albeit in defiance of Halakha laws. What will happen when her secret is uncovered, especially now that she is a changed woman?


"When I was 18, after talking to my bridal counselor about the wedding night, I found myself looking for a street bench. I was so dizzy I thought I was going to faint. And I couldn't help but think - how could God have chosen such a forbidden place for the creation of new life?"
This is what Batya “Bessy” shared with us when we first met. Through our exploration and collaboration, Rudy has emerged - the embodiment of our shared experiences and memories, through her we delve deep into the intricate concept of womanhood: female sexuality, femininity, hidden desires, female solidarity, and self-discovery.
Our protagonist will have to choose between what is expected of her - societal norms, community responsibility, and her status - against the awakening of her inner desires. Our series explores sexuality, particularly from the perspective of those for whom it is traditionally denied or suppressed.
The series is set within the unique community of the Gur Hasidic sect, where a distinct and rigid separation exists between men and women. Relationships within this community are minimized to the bare minimum, and sexual relations are referred to as ""The Mitzvah,"" while the vagina is euphemistically called ""That Place” or “That Hole”. We also aim to shed light on the practice of ""bridal instruction"" and its unwavering rules that demand the erasure of the female body and the suppression of female pleasure. Countless women adhere to these rules daily, leading to a detachment from their own bodies and natural desires, all in the name of Halakha laws that are said to protect them.
We want to swing open the gates of the Haredi world and venture in via personal experience. As creators who are still connected to this world, our gaze is multi-dimensional and nuanced, presenting the beauty alongside the ugliness through both loving and critical eyes.
The series will intimately capture the intricate details known solely to those who have lived through them, such as the bloodstained underwear in the husband's pocket on the way to the rabbi for purity rulings; the KY jelly that every woman must apply before intimate relations; the headaches caused by the pins that secure the wig; the pain during the performance of “The Mitzvah”; and the revelation of a first orgasm without prior knowledge of its existence.


Our relationship with Orit began when we worked on her debut film, Cinema Sabaya, which was Israel's official Oscars Entry. We immediately knew we had encountered an incredibly talented director and writer who creates unique worlds and tells compelling stories that deeply touch the hearts of others.

Orit collaborates for the writing with Adi, the director of a theater group called "Out For Change", a non-profit that supports young people leaving the religious Haredi world. Bessy and Miri, who participate in this group, have chosen to forge their paths outside the Haredi world.

Adi has embarked on a collective writing journey alongside Bessy and Miri, which led to the early development of 'That Hole.' The series is set within the unique community of the Gur Hasidic sect, where a distinct and rigid separation exists between men and women. This radicalized framework allows us to explore the contrasting dynamics between absolute adherence and skepticism and examine their impact on personal growth and development.

Within this world, we have the opportunity to challenge fundamental concepts such as "nature", "body", and "pleasure", and explore when boundaries serve as a means to foster healthy personal development and growth, and when they become oppressive and obstructive.

While many TV series have explored the themes of repressed passion and the pursuit of self-fulfillment in the face of societal expectations within conservative contexts, the writers strength lies in her ability to challenge these conventions through daring, creative, and engaging drama. Their work not only tackles complex issues but also appeals to a wide-ranging audience. The narrative embraces both pain and compassion while always maintaining a sense of optimism and a genuine love for humanity.


We hope to find International co-producers, distributors, and broadcasters from the US or Europe (mainly from France, or the UK)

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