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It’s finally happening - The Pitching Event for Sam Spiegel Series Lab, Edition 2!
After months of hard work with our dedicated mentors, seven teams will pitch their series in front of an international industry crowd, as part of the Series Mania Forum at Lille, France.
With professional pitch-decks and solid pitch-training - they are ready to meet the world!
Good Luck to all:
Orit Fouks Rotem & Adi Goral, "That Hole"
Nur Fibak & Mae Palty, "Oasis"
Shira Porat, "Moods"
Hila Elena Royzenman, "The Plasticians"
Rotem Kapelinsky, "The Subject"
Rachel Elitzur, "The Sterns"
Chen Shumowitz, "The Parasite"

Series Lab Pitching Event on It's Way - at Series Mania!


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